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Fédération Internationale de Domino (FIDO)
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Fédération Internationale de Domino (FIDO)

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Special rules

Players without scrounge dominoes should block the »naked« side of a double with any other domino to reduce the chance of those players in possession of these dominoes (ter Heide strategy). JUVENTE members follow this estrategy to excess regardless.

In some world regions exactly this is prohibited, which created the Mother Theresa rule of mercifulness. In this opposite camp some excesses, however, lead to strange behaviour, e. g. placing coffee cups on dominoes needed, in order to reserve them.

As a reaction to the Mother Theresa rule the New Mill Scool signed the Schwerin-Gentlemen-Agreement. This form of full contact domino distinguishes itself by polite acknowledgement of the opponent as a darwinistic interpretation of the rules. Unfortunately this way of playing didn’t gain acceptance in greater scale – with the exception of maybe JUVENTE – since playing with Mother Theresa is obviously rewarded richer.

This school also introduced the Rostock knocking when the players knock on the table after a double has been moved. Whether to show gratitude for increasing the total amount or to wake up other players was never be clarified beyond doubt.

The Sönke Hansen strategy to move doubles not across, in order to use them as difference zero, never won friends out of Büdelsdorf.

If a player after the beginning of the games discovers that he took more dominoes than the others, they will not be put back. Their points will also be deducted from the score.
If on the contrary he took not enough, the missing dominoes have to be taken on the spot – even when this first is noticed at the end of the game.

Cursing during a FIDO meeting is fundamentally welcome; smoking and drinking is as fundamentally inadmissible (seeing doubles double might impair the act of playing).

Parliamentarians are obliged to communicate their current world rankings position to the general public by means of daily press (Lex Bölckow).


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