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Fédération Internationale de Domino (FIDO)
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Fédération Internationale de Domino (FIDO)

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World Cup

Domino World Championship from 27.–31.12.2024

How do you become a world champion?

Each year at its end the decentralized FIDO World Championship takes place, wherever groups of five players meet. They play three games with double-12 on divisor 7.

The results are sent in to FIDO, where they will be evaluated, and after a couple of hours the results and the new World Champion will be presented to the general public.

Until today these players have been World Champions:
2019: Hege Lofthus
2018: Max Nolting
2017: Frank Amling
2016: Nick Nolting
2015: Hans Moskopp
2014: Jrgen Polley
2013: Gun sk Scheving
2012: Chris Whren
2011: Hege Lofthus
2010: Thomas Caflisch
2009: Thomas Egeli
2008: Gun sk Scheving
2007: Alex Joss
2006: Marina Despotovic
2005: Irne Bader
2004: Walti Bader
2003: Ingo Rickmann
2002: Verena Huser
2001: Luzia Wrsch
2000: Walti Bader
1999: Roland Behring
1998: Frank Lindemann
1997: Roswitha Siedelberg
1996: Sigrid Sagevik
1995: Anne Marie Hartvigsen


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