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Tips to survive a game

Dominoes with the difference of the divisor (e. g. double-12 is 7: 0-7, 1-8, 2-9, 3-10, 4-11, 5-12) as well as double-0 and double-7 are valuable dominoes, which can be used to score, when the previous player scored. The same works with dominoes showing a 0 or 7, which might be moved to the »naked« fourth side of the double with the figure of their other end and thus either won’t change the sum or increase it by 7 (the so-called scrounge or running board dominoes).

Each number is represented equally in a game. Doubles get half the chance to be moved. Each player should keep an eye on how often »his« number already has been moved, in order to get rid of the double in time. The same counts for dominoes with high numbers, which can be a burden at the end of the game when being deducted.

Try to keep as long as possible dominoes of each difference available, to be able to react on any of the moves of the previous player (keeping in mind the pairing of similarly working differences (1 and 6, 2 and 5, 3 and 4, when playing on divisor 7).

The player who started the game will most probably end it – if not being forced to take a domino from the stack during the game. While the others are interested in keeping the low numbers to the end in order to have low deduction from their score, the beginner must even get rid of a e. g. 0-1. The opposite interests of the players may lead to the situation that low figures run out when it comes to the end of the game.

A player who got the majority of one figure can try to force the other players to take dominoes from the stack by moving it to every end (Jokinen strategy) – but be careful not to fall into your own trap! The Bulgarian variation of this strategy became notorious for its temporary disruption of family peace.


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