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Fédération Internationale de Domino (FIDO)
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Christian Bölckow
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Fédération Internationale de Domino (FIDO)

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22nd Domino World Championship on 31.12.2016 in Ettingen

10 players participated in the world championship

Rank Name and local coordinatesFLADUB World rank VenueInfo
3 Hauke SmoorGermany Lower Saxony488  0 EttingenStatistics on Hauke Smoor
8 Florian KleeSwitzerland Solothurn388  27 EttingenStatistics on Florian Klee
11 Werner SiegristSwitzerland Solothurn366  77 EttingenStatistics on Werner Siegrist
14 Angie StichSwitzerland Basel-Country330  17 EttingenStatistics on Angie Stich
16 Thomas DexterSwitzerland Solothurn304  0 EttingenStatistics on Thomas Dexter
17 Bruno StaubSwitzerland Basel-Country300  30 EttingenStatistics on Bruno Staub
21 GM Alex KleeSwitzerland Basel-City244  9 EttingenStatistics on GM Alex Klee
23 Stina KleeSwitzerland Basel-City232  20 EttingenStatistics on Stina Klee
24 Paul KleeSwitzerland Basel-City227  0 EttingenStatistics on Paul Klee
27 Christian BölckowGermany Hamburg206  26 EttingenStatistics on Christian Bölckow

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