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Domino World Champion 2011: Hege Lofthus

17th Domino World Champion 2011: Hege Lofthus

This year showed a new participation record: 85 players from seven countries played in Estonia, Germany, Norway and Switzerland to get the title. After three years the cup went again to a player in Norway.

It took Hege Lofthus exactly 11 years of practice to become the world champion. She was introduced to Domino participating on a youth camp in Germany 2000, and for her next birthday she got her own set of bricks. Moving to Oslo allowed the gaming to get more serious. Hege and an increasing number of domino friends met at the same café every Sunday for some years.

As Hege became mother to a baby girl last January, it has been difficult to find time to play as often as wanted. However, Hege is looking forward to tell her baby daughter: «You were born the year I became world champion!»

Bringing the title to Norway will for sure boost the interest for Domino playing. Hege has strong competitors in Oslo, and is ready to defend her title!


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