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Welcome to the 17th Mary Theresa Cup 23rd June 2018 in Bielefeld!
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You can meet domino players also here
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No. 1 in the current world rankings: IM Gustav Behrens

World sector: List of active players in Germany List of active players in North Rhine-Westphalia
Current FLADUB points: 4041
Last game recorded: 31.12.2017

  • Entry into the world rankings on 31.07.2008 at position 65 with 1038 points
  • 14 months first in the world rankings (for the first time on 31.08.2010)
  • Best world’s player position: 6 (last on 31.01.2018)
  • 112 months Grand Master (for the first time on 30.09.2008)
  • International Master (IM) since 31.07.2009
  • Best World Cup position: 10 (31.12.2016)
  • 8 times winner of the month (last time on 31.10.2017 with 2455 FLADUB)
  • 13 times looser of the month (last time on 31.01.2018 with -906 FLADUB)

Score of all world rankings
Mean of FLADUB points: 6914
6th domino player of the world


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